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TERN Financial Group Inc. is an approved Lloyd’s coverholder with recognized expertise in the development and delivery of international mobility and relocation risk and insurance solutions from its Montreal, Canada base of operations.

On an ongoing basis TERN Financial Group Inc. navigates a comprehensive and exhaustive process certifying that its systems and people comply with the incomparably high standards imposed by Lloyd’s, thereby ensuring a delegation of authority to underwrite on behalf of a Lloyd’s syndicate.

As tribunalised Managing General Agent, TERN Financial Group Inc. is authorised to enter into a contract or contracts of insurance to be underwritten by the members of a Lloyd’s syndicate in accordance with the terms of a binding authority. The binding authority appoints TERN Financial Group Inc. by name, to underwrite on behalf of, and bind the risk capital of the Lloyd’s syndicates and markets that are signatories to the binding authority.

Lloyd’s is the world’s leading specialist insurance market, conducting business in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Lloyd’s is ideally positioned to deliver the understanding, appetite, and operational capabilities required to adequately respond to the complex risks posed by international mobility and global relocation.

lloyds-inside-reut 2611483bThe challenges of today’s global business landscape are such that well rated, reputed and secure insurance capacity providers are more important than ever. The international talent mobility marketplace is a truly worldwide industry sector that routinely and continuously spans oceans and crosses international borders while mixing languages, currencies and cultures along the way. No other security provider can approach the level of Lloyd’s global presence, stability, acceptance, compliance and recognition.

At a time when market dynamics are demanding all industry players revisit assumptions, challenge the status quo and recalibrate their assets and operations, TERN Financial has broken away from the antiquated and outmoded sales routine that conceals the secret recipe and ingredients behind 'pre-fab' products and over-hyped technology.

TERN Financial constitutes a truly alternative and competitive offering in a confusing sea of brands, websites and logos that often prove to be the same provider under a different guise, a thin marketing veneer, and layers of unnecessary expense.

TERN Financial has embraced a simple, transparent, consultative and collaborative approach that invariably reveals more cost effective and less complicated solutions.