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TernPicSterna Paradisaea

The Arctic Tern
The World’s Undisputed Global Mobility Expert

There’s no debate. TERNs know mobility.

A sleek, striking white bird, the Arctic Tern has a truly remarkable circumpolar breeding and migratory pattern that encompasses the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. It migrates from its northern breeding grounds along a winding route to the oceans around Antarctica and back, a round trip of about 70,900 km (c. 44,300 miles) each year; by far the longest regular migration by any known animal on the planet. The Arctic Tern manages to perform almost all of its critical tasks in the air. It nests once every one to three years and once it has finished nesting it takes to the sky for another long global migration.

As an organization we are proud to be inspired by and invoke the image of this noble creature, an apropos symbol emblematic of determination, focus, efficiency and globalization.